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Having problems playing Counter Strike on 02 Broadband?

Symptoms include not being able to connect to a game, VAC security errors or getting disconnected shortly after joining. The problem isn’t related to your internet connection, but rather the free Thomson modem that comes with it:

Thomson Modem

Got one of these?

The Fix

  1. Click on the start button and run cmd.exe. If you are on Windows XP you may need to click on Start->Programs>Accessories->Command Prompt.
  2. This should bring up a black box. Type telnet and hit return.
    1. If you are on Windows 7 and you get an error about telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command, then you need to enable telnet first.
    2. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Program -> Turn Windows Features on or off, and check Telnet Client.
    3. Press OK.
    4. Repeat step 2.
  3. You have now logged into the router. Type :connection bindlist and hit enter. You should see something like this:
    Application  Proto Portrange   Flags
    LOOSE(UDP)   udp   69
    LOOSE(UDP)   udp   67
    GAME(UDP)    udp   27010-27011
    JABBER       tcp   15222
    JABBER       tcp   5222
    FTP          tcp   21
    IRC          tcp   6660-6669
    H323         tcp   1720
    ILS          tcp   1002
    ILS          tcp   389
    RTSP         tcp   554
    RAUDIO(PNA)  tcp   7070
    CU/SeeMe     udp   7648
    SIP          udp   5060        SIP_ALG:E RTP_predict_for_term_SIP_ALG:E
    IKE          udp   500
    ESP          esp   0
    IP6TO4       6to4  0
  4. Type :connection unbind application=GAME(UDP) port=27010-27011 and hit enter.
    1. If the Portrange shown above is different, then edit the unbind command to have the same value.
  5. Type :connection bindlist and hit enter again. The GAME(UDP) line should have gone, which means you have fixed the problem.
  6. Type exit and hit enter.
  7. Restart Steam.

Happy gaming 🙂

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