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Hardcore Linux users will tell you that copy and paste is as simple as selecting a piece of text and middle clicking. And if you’re stuck with a two-button mouse or trackball, the usual trick is to click both left and right buttons simultaneously.┬áThis used to work out of the box on Ubuntu, but recent versions (since at least 11.04) do not have the middle button emulation.

What to do? – Install this cool little program:

sudo aptitude install gpointing-device-settings

Then run it and check the middle button emulation box. ­čÖé


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Aptitude Woes

I’ve just spent the last hour battling with Ubuntu to get it to upgrade. My problem stems from installing the World of Goo demo and then removing it (it never had a hope in hell of working on my ATI graphics card). Now every time I try to install a new package through aptitude, or try to perform an upgrade I receive

files list file for package `worldofgoodemo' contains empty filename

I had to remove


to fix it. Not the most elegant solution, but at least I can install things again.

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I’ve just stumbled upon /usr/share/doc! After 4 years of using Linux, battling with extremely terse┬áman pages and obscure info documents, I have finally found some helpful documentation.

Admittedly, many of the folders only contain an AUTHORS and a README file, but some contain manuals in formats such as html.

I would highly recommend having a poke around, particularly if you need an offline version of a manual, or if you just installed a documentation package from a repository and wondered where it went!

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