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Free Dune Novels

dune-catI’m currently reading Children of Dune by Frank Herbert, the third book in the Dune series. As I was getting more engrossed by sandworms and spice, I decided to take a look at a few Dune fan sites on the net.

I found that Brian Herbert (son of Frank Herbert, author of Dune) and Co-writer Kevin J. Anderson had released 3 free short stories to accompany the Legends of Dune series.  Now this is by no means breaking news, but I was disappointed to discover that they had been removed from www.dunenovels.com and the only place I could download them from was a Greek fansite :-/

So to ensure, they don’t disappear from the web anytime soon, I have decided to also host them myself at grepmonster! Download below:

Hunting Harkonnens (2002)

Whipping Mek (2003)

The Faces of a Martyr (2004)

I have read Hunting Harkonnens, the prelude to the first Legends of Dune novel: Butlerian Jihad. It is set 10,000 years before the first Dune novel in a time where humans are battling for survival against machines (which is probably where The Matrix or Terminator pinched a few ideas).

The story follows the adventures of a Piers Harkonnen, who is surprisingly kind in comparison to the old Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. It is also set on the icy world of Caladan (home of The Atreides), which again is a stark contrast to Arrakis. I shouldn’t give anymore away, it is only a short story after all!

Enjoy reading.



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